The new guy


So my wife and I are newbies to MLM, and I’m a researcher… I’ve been hunting around betternetworker throughout the day, and I suppose my inquiring mind will end up being a good thing. I’m the type that has to know everything about anything that gets on their mind. I suppose that I’m going through a transition phase in two regards: I was a customer of the products for two years before becoming an associate, and I’m a very well educated and well respected employee/manager. At a young age, I’ve had great success in the corporate world, even though I know it’s not what is best for me. My wife, on the other hand, is a professional photographer and blogger who despises corporations.

And here we are. As I said before, I’m a researcher, a constant consumer of information whether that be books, audiobooks, training, webinars, conference calls, and forums. I’ve found over the years that the best information available comes from forums. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t know everything about Ford Explorers if it hadn’t been for a forum I joined haha.

I look forward to learning and having discussions with the members here. It seems like there are quite a few who are often engaged here.


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